Michelle Obama Gets to Keep Her Blackberry (Lucky For RIM)

 - Feb 4, 2009
References: advice.cio
Michelle Obama loves her Blackberry, "I think she's worse than me lately," Barack Obama said of his wife's "Crackberry" addiction.

As we reported earlier, Barack Obama is now toting a ‘security enhanced’ super $3,000 Blackberry although there is still talk that he might have to give it up due to security concerns and the Presidential Records Act. While the phone Michelle Obama uses hasn't been confirmed, the CIP speculates it's a 8700, 8800 or Bold 9000.

What a great advertisement for Blackberry RIM! The company has already had tons of endorsement by celebrities who flaunt their Blackberry phones in paparazzi pictures, but now that they have First Lady Michelle Obama flashing their logo, they've hit the big time. Although it's not confirmed yet, Barack Obama might get to keep his Blackberry as well -- now that's a marketing home run!