From Mouthy Dessert Marketing to the Best Branding for Dogs

 - Mar 19, 2014
The best branding techniques are usually those with some tongue and cheek involved, and these examples of packaging designs certainly have plenty of zip. From desserts that appear to be licking themselves to stereotypical Canadian packaging, these products all have humorous qualities.

Even though maple syrup is already quite Canadian, the people at Goods & Services wanted to spice things up even more, and put the most stereotypical things from the Great White North on the labels. Apparently this syrup is strong enough for hockey players. Go figure. Another hilarious find for best branding techniques is the packaging for underwear label Freshly Laid. It states on the front that the contents are not made for chickens, as some people might be out on the hunt for groceries and become confused when they stumble across a pair of skivvies.