StudioMax Design Uses Slick Packaging for RuTT Beer Brewery

To bring the Rutt Beer Brewery cans to life, StudioMax Design came up with some slick branding and a personality-packed strategy. The name of each beer gives specific characteristics to various animals, such as the Wimpy Bear or Smooth Husky. To exemplify these names, the design company created illustrations to match.

The Smooth Husky is everything a slick city boy would be, complete with Kanye West-inspired glasses and even a bandana tied around its neck for some extra flair. The Wimpy Bear is complete with a more nerd-inspired take (or even a borderline hipster). His glasses are horn-rimmed and his bow tie is most likely complete with suspenders that are out of sight. StudioMax did a great job with giving each beer a distinct personality, which hopefully matches with a memorably unique taste inside the can!