Band-Aid Tanned Packaging Mimics a Finger-Bound Form

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: valstr & packagingoftheworld
You will notice several physical features about Band-Aid Tanned packaging that you cannot find within other brands. Designer Valeria Stroukova has done away with the basic rectangular box in favor of another form, plus she has introduced a range of different colors.

Most significantly, the OCAD University student suggests the clear presentation of three distinctive pigments in which the plasters would come. Pale, medium and darker skin tones are catered to with these cut covers. The particular hues of the First Aid items are indicated as obvious color blocks around Band-Aid Tanned packaging.

With this project, the designer also suggests producing cylindrical cartons to use less material. Formally, these allude to the image of a bandage wrapped around one's finger.