The Freshly Laid Fashion Briefs Show Off Plucky Branding

 - Mar 13, 2014
References: designtaxi & creativecriminals
Basics 029’s Freshly Laid underwear packaging is bold, humorous, witty and definitely serves as an eye-catching design. Freshly Laid is the brand of briefs that comes from menswear brand Basics 029 and to launch the underwear line, Bangalore-based agency Happy was put to the test of creating winning branding for it.

The results are quirky and a little cheeky. On the fronts of the packaging are phrases like "freshly laid" and "not for chickens" that are prominently displayed. The whole egg-inspired theme is a brilliant one, since it subtly likens the fragility of eggs to certain parts of the male anatomy.

The packaging is like a fresh take on a minimal, modern farm materials and has a large cut-out where the patterns or colors of the fashion briefs can be displayed, as well as other important information like the cut of the underwear and size.