Real Meat Jerky Packaging Presents Itself Simply But Successfully

 - Dec 14, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
If you think about Real Meat Jerky packaging in terms of the actual ink applied to the wrappers, the strategy may be considered quite simple. Don't be fooled, however, for while there is a basic illustration and a minimalist hand-scrawled description, the brand identity design is extremely clever.

What we have are little pouches of pork and beef jerky, so, fittingly, Oleg Safronov chose to use a single profile silhouette of the particular animal on each one. These symbolic representations were filled in with pink and brown respectively, and excised of the letters that spell 'REAL.' The resultant white lines make it look as though the subjects of Real Meat Jerky packaging are meat cut diagrams in a butcher shop.