Whitebites Packaging Flaunts the Canine Features Cared For by the Contents

Whitebites packaging comprises some pretty clever ideas by Cecilia Uhr. Doing a bit of market research, the designer noticed that rawhides often come in environmentally unfriendly plastic bags, and sometimes they're even sold without wrappers. This paper solution would keep the product clean without contributing unrecyclable waste.

There is, of course, so much more to Whitebites packaging than that. Cecilia illustrated endearing images of dogs onto the fronts of the cartons, leaving die-cut openings in place of the mouths. With the white chew sticks arranged behind, they come to look like teeth. This was a smart and playful way to present the product. What's more, ears stick out of the boxes and serve practical purposes too: one is a small flap for access inside and the other acts as a hanger.