The Tidda Wooden Christmas Tree Box Features a Tearing Up Timber Cutter

 - Dec 12, 2013
References: & thedieline
The face on the Tidda Wooden Christmas Tree box should not be so sad, for somebody still needs to take an axe into the forest in order to make this product. One can deduce, however, that the process of cutting down evergreen trees for December decorations is a more delicate and personal one than the technique of harvesting lumber for items like this timber tannenbaum kit.

Designed by Shuttle Studio, the packaging may be long and slightly broad, but it's compact thanks to its minimal depth. It could be manageably stored in the off-season. Now, as the contents of the Tidda Wooden Christmas Tree box represent a recently living organism, the cardboard has been left an earthy brown and the cute ink printing has been kept to a single black tone.