From Chalky Print Bakery Branding to Hand-Stitched Bread Bags

 - Jun 24, 2014
Baked goods packaging is all about sealing in a product's freshness and making it easy to transport bread home, since bread is an item that will be consumed relatively quickly. Fortunately, there are tons of materials that can be used for these purposes, ranging from papers to bags and cloth wraps to boxes.

While bread naturally has a homespun feel to it, pastries are often presented as more upscale and this often is translated into the product packaging in bakeries and grocery stores. However, bread can be just as beautifully presented in charming gift-like packages that make the experience of buying and consuming it that much more special. Even though shoppers generally like to get a peek at the food products they'll be taking home, these kinds of packages tend to be more concealed, just as a present might be.