The Identity for 'Fatties' Sounds Unappealing, but Looks Chic

 - Jun 13, 2014
References: fattiesbakery & thedieline
When you think about a bakery named "Fatties," the last way you'd expect its products to be branded is in ultra chic white boxes wrapped up in silky bows. However, when the London-based Dot Dash agency and Fatties founder Chloe Timms came together to develop a look and name for the brand, contrast was the focus. The designers and Fatties founder describe that "We created the name and design simultaneously with the idea of juxtaposing the connotations of the name with a clean, sophisticated design."

The confectionery makes mouth-watering caramels, passion fruit sherbet and coconut flour brownies—with a name like Fatties, you know these treats aren't afraid to say they taste good. The Fatties logo is playful and different letters in the word become stretched out depending on the way the text is formatted.