- Jun 12, 2012
Bacon-Infused wonders are constantly finding their way into novelty shops, online shops, specialty grocery stores and if you’re lucky, your stomach. Bacon has come to bombard many different markets and develop multiple (curious) uses. An inane human instinct written into the genetic code tells one to indulge in meaty treats and morsels; with these carnivorous finds, you can eat your heart out and embrace the eccentric meat-lover in you.

With pork-packed products that span from your cosmetic cabinet, art museums, your secret stash of sweets and your first-aid kit, you’ll never be lacking in the protein department. Although these scrumptious products are sure to tease your tastebuds, some are not meant for consumption, but they are sure to have you craving crispy, salt and sizzling bacon. Incorporate some of these bacon-infused wonders into your diet, wardrobe and cosmetics, and I promise that you won’t regret this fantastic decision.

From Meat Flavored Condiments to Bacon Bandages: