SweetSoaps.com Candle Crackles and Smells like the Real Thing

 - Dec 2, 2009
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For pork’s sake, what will they think of next? With Bacon Candles you can not only fake the smell of a greasy breakfast in your kitchen (or bedroom, if that’s your thing), but the SOUND as well! They crackle, just like the real stuff when it’s sizzling in the pan.

The Bacon Candles by SweetSoaps.com crackle and pop and emit the classic fragrance of the uber fatty breakfast favourite, without the calories. Not my cup of tea, but it’d sure make a great gag gift for the same people that would appreciate the bacon innovations in the related articles below.

Note: the gallery also includes novelty soaps from SweetSoaps.com, Santa’s Coal Soap and Snowman Poop Soap.