Focus Your Peeves With 'Bacon of Hate' Project from Anti Craft

 - Mar 25, 2009
References: theanticraft
Alice Merlino has a wicked sense of humor; she was inpspired when a reader misread a blog post on ‘The Anti Craft’ and thought she said, "I become a bacon of hate" when she actually said, "I become a beacon of hate."

Everything’s better with bacon, she reasoned. Why allow negative energy to flow out willy nilly when the real solution is to focus that energy?

The Bacon of Hate was born.

"All you have to do is write down the object of your loathing on a slip of paper, tuck it into the pocket on the back of your Bacon Of Hate, and it will send focused hate-beams directly to the intended source. You can make as many of these malevolent tools as you need," says Alice.

She provides complete construction instructions on her site. That’s not the end to her creativity however, check out the ‘Pork Princess’ tiara, the ‘Vegan Wrapped in Bacon’ scarf and the ‘Baconhenge’ sculpture in the gallery above.

You don’t want to end up in this formidable woman’s Bacon of Hate, so mind your manners!