- Aug 26, 2017
These August 2017 shoe trends feature everything from designer-branded boots that feature statement graphics, to "self-wearing" runners that automatically wrap around the wearer's feet so that no additional adjustments need to be made manually.

In addition to these unique innovations, these August 2017 shoe trends include function-focused products like the 'Kujo Yardwear All-Purpose Yard Shoes,' which were made with gardening and other outdoor tasks in mind. Apart from offering the wearer additional protection against heavy tools and other obstacles, they have a waterproof exterior that keeps one's feet dry and comfortable.

Also included is the Cherre 'GENA' stilettos, which have adjustable heels that enable them to be worn for virtually any occasion. Due to their customizable design, consumers can easily transition from the office to a night out, and spend less on alternative footwear options as a result.

From Sustainable Bamboo Slip-On Shoes to Stylish Space Boots: