- Apr 13, 2019
The April 2019 editorial trends cover a selection of artful fashion campaigns that aim to appeal to different demographics of consumers.

One editorial that really stands out comes from TGIMAGE STUDIO, which features in the 397th issue of GRAZIA -- a UK magazine that spotlights the latest in fashion, beauty, and pop culture. Throughout the images, models are shown in a gravity-defying setting, seeming to hang from the walls and ceilings.

To champion a more relaxed, makeup-light aesthetic, Into the Gloss featured an editorial dubbed 'No Mascara, No Problem.' Photographer Tom Newton highlights a model wearing subtle eye makeup and nude lipstick, who has her hair worn natural. The editorial is meant to highlight the no makeup look that's gained more popularity as of late, and shows readers how they can go about executing it.

From Monotone Spring Fashion Lookbooks to Vivid Eye Makeup Shoots: