- Sep 17, 2009   Updated: May 2 2011
Magical symbolic images can affect the physical world that we live in. This cluster is full of charming places, spelltography and decor that's designed to produce a supernatural effect. From magical fragrance campaigns to ethereal editorials, mesmerizing sand animations, fairytale gowns, and green luxury retreats, you're sure to find something in this slideshow that'll add some magic into your life.

Implications - Fantastical elements have always been a source of inspiration. This theme often stays with people from childhood to adulthood, which is always a nice distraction from the stress of everyday life. Illustrators and designers have always found a way to incorporate magical themes into work, giving consumers escape from daily stress. After a full day's work, take your mind off of things with these mesmerizing artworks.

From Supernatural Effects to Spelltography & Sand Animations: