Cloud House

 - Apr 12, 2008
References: whywashesad & angelidakis
Architects seek inspiration from a lot of things, but increasingly, there's been a focus on nature. The Cloud House by seeks inspiration from the ethereal, with shapes resembling one of the most astounding elements of nature.

It's a concept for a Mediterranean holiday retreat.

"The idea comes from growing up in the Greek summer landscape of semi abandoned and unfinished haphazardly constructed concrete domino frames," says "Based on Le Corbusier's idea for fast and flexible housing, the Domino frame on pilotis populated the south Mediterranean landscape as the perfect post war solution."

The architecture is designed to keep temperatures comfortable in the hot months.

"The Cloud House is closely tied to this idea of a building that starts of as a basic open air frame and gradually converts itself from nature to home, in this case a cloud that becomes a house," Agelidakis says.

What better place to seek inspiration than the heavens?!