Ilana Yahav's Breathtaking Art Uses Only Sand and Hands (UPDATE)

 - Feb 9, 2009
References: sandfantasy
Ilana Yahav is known the world over for playing in the sand. No, not in a sandbox. Yahav is an artist whose medium just happens to be sand. She calls her unique sand animations "Sand Fantasy."

Ilana Yahav’s creations are made using nothing but her hands, sand and a glass tabletop. Each of her pieces are set to music and videotaped for immortality, because once the images are swept away, they are gone for good, just like the sands of time.

Watching Ilana Yahav work is like watching an artistic ballet. It’s easy to get lost in her work. She creates a beautiful, mesmerizing atmosphere with music and sand animation that easily captivates the imagination.