Tiss the Season to Retire that Bus Pass for Your Peddles

 - Apr 11, 2012
With summer around the corner, it’s finally time to stop buying that monthly metro pass and start taking a more outdoorsy approach to your morning commute with these Summer-Savvy rides.

Classic as always is the bicycle; for a laid-back look, there is a growing number of wood-framed or vintage-inspired designs to complement your summer wardrobe. Scooters also make for a great way to get around during the warm season and, with a variety of electric and other eco-conscious designs, you can ensure that fresh air stays crisp and clean.

If you have a more refined center of gravity, then you might want to be the first person in your office who unicycles to work -- easy to store and impressive to witness. Whatever your preferred mode of transportation is, enjoy the beautiful weather by getting out of that subway car or bus and soaking up those summer rays.