The Rennholz is a Futuristic Wooden Derby Racer

 - Apr 7, 2012
References: rennholz & fastcodesign
"Pass me the screwdriver please," may now have two possible connotations: manual labor and transportation (thanks to the invention of the Rennholz). German for "Racing Wood," the Rennholz is an electrically powered, wooden vehicle that runs off of an ordinary Bosch screwdriver.

The project was an entrant in the HAWK Hildesheim's bi-annual race, a competition in which entrants must use electric screwdrivers to power their vehicles. The bulk of the design is made out of custom-fabricated bent plywood with a few aluminum pieces lifted off of bicycles.

This wooden hot rod maxes out at around 15mph and lasts roughly ten minutes when using a fully charged screwdriver. This sleek, racer design would make an excellent addition to any derby racer, switch out the screwdriver for a higher powered motor and hold on!