- Jan 3, 2015
These 2014 jewelry trends range from opulent statement accessories to minimalist adornments that are more understated in their aesthetic. While ornate jewelry pieces were a festive staple that didn't go out of style this year, more understated and subtle jewelry pieces rose in popularity.

Jeweled body art and temporary tattoos were also in the forefront of these 2014 jewelry trends and were a subtle substitute for heavy chains and gold bangles.

Featuring a great juxtaposition of ornate and understated styles, the year's accessories appealed to a diverse group of individuals. In addition to these traditional pieces, wearable tech accessories also reigned over the jewelry industry and became increasingly more chic and sophisticated in their design.

These accessories married style with practicality and were easy to mistake for elegant jewelry pieces despite of their tech-integrated features.

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From Opulent Foliage Accessories to Understated Hippie Adornments: