Every Keyring is Made From an Old Opener by Joseph Begley

 - Mar 9, 2014
References: josephbegley
The term "keyring" is typically used to describe loop into which you can thread several door openers. When it comes to Joseph Begley's Keyring, the word literally describes the product as a key that may be worn as a ring.

The designer collects real door keys with which to make these unique accessories. The jagged items are gently bent so that they can curl comfortably around the wearer's finger. For a bright and shiny look, Begley finishes the manipulated metal with silver, gold, black gold or platinum. The thick turning tab of each Keyring is intended to be worn on the top of the digit in the place of a would-be jewel or smithed design. This rad recycled item would make a unique engagement ring, perhaps signifying the key to one's heart.