Kryston by Daniela Valle is a Modern Alternative to the Gem

 - May 10, 2014
Diamonds might be one of the most coveted jewels in the world, but is it also shrouded in controversy from what it is actually worth to the lengths people go to get their hands on them; Kryston by Daniela Valle, a jewelry designer based in Monterrey, Mexico, is a stunning alternative. Made out of gold-plated metal, it takes on the silhouette of a diamond while also incorporating cutouts to embrace the jewel's defining facets.

Kryston by Daniela Valle is meant to be a pendent, but as shown in the designer's images, it can also be worn as a bracelet. She writes, "Where in the abstraction of the pendant I found myself; unstable at times and quite strong to move on and shoot on the lights to life."