The Nex Band is a Cross Between a Pandora Bracelet and a Fuelband

 - Feb 14, 2014
References: mightycast & theverge
The Nex Band looks like a futuristic version of a charm bracelet and for good reason. It is a smart piece of jewelry that will possibly be used in the gaming industry. Like the hugely popular Pandora bracelet, the Nex Band is made up of customizable charms that reflect the interests of the wearer. These charms can be programmed to import items or characters into a game just by snapping them into the band.

Created by Mighty Cast, the Nex Band combines looks with functionality. It appeals to people's need to express their individuality as well as their desire to have fashionable versions of hi-tech devices. Although the Fuelband isn't hard on the eyes, the fact that the Nex Band has four decorative mods and one functional one really sets it apart.