These Sterling Silver Bracelets are Bent Number 14 Wrenches

Blitz Motorcycles gives you a 100% sterling silver number 14 motorcycle wrench as a bracelet. The bracelet weighs just over two ounces and comes in one size that'll fit anyone.

The bracelets are handmade in France and are only made in a limited production of 100 pieces. All the bracelets are handmade and each of them receive a unique serial number. The serial numbers are all hand hammered by someone in the Blitz Motorcycles workshop. The sterling silver bracelets also come with a 100% natural leather bag made by Bleu de Chauffe.

Whether you're a motorcycle enthusiast or just looking for some macho bling, this wrench is a great look. The bracelets come with a pretty hefty price tag, but for a limited edition item this manly, it's well worth it.