Enjoy Scrumptious Food While Watching the MLB World Series from Home

By: Erin Fox - Published:
For the fans who were too slow in chasing down some MLB World Series tickets, these sporty food recipes will help ease watching the baseball game from home and provide a great snack during halftime. From delicious hot dog recipes, super salty popcorn ideas, chip-infused burgers and a 7th inning stretch-approved dessert, the party is now complete with these delicious snacks. Why opt for boring hot dogs at the famous Fenway Park when, for a quarter of the price, you can throw a baseball viewing party and feed all your guests a delicious treat -- or five.

Some delicious foods include French fry franks, Paddington Bear-inspired meats, donut burgers, liquored popcorn snacks and crunchy chip burgers. You can even go as far as to infuse food and drink with the hot dog beverage.