With a Base of Cashews, 'Coffee So Good' Puts a Twist on Lattes and Coffee

 - Apr 28, 2017
References: juicesogood
Coffee So Good makes a variety of blended and bottled latte, chai, mocha and coffee beverages, only using non-dairy ingredients.

In place of ingredients like sugar, milk and creamer that are commonly added to these kinds of popular cafe drinks, Coffee So Good favors agave nectar, spices, sea salt and a base of creamy cashew milk. Next to cold press coffee, these nuts are the foundation of Coffee So Good's drinks, so much so that it even labels its latte drinks "Nutté" instead. Flavors available include the Lavender Nutté and Vanilla Nutté. In all, Coffee So Good takes care not to use any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners in its drinks.

These blended coffee beverages put a simple, plant-based twist on popular ready-to-drink coffee products.