From Sculptural Wireframe Seating to Rustic Steel Furniture

 - Aug 16, 2013
These wacky wireframe furnishings feature eclectic sculptural shapes and minimalist outlines that will surely attract homeowners with an interest in artistically designed decor.

While furniture pieces are often expected to be designed with a sturdy and well-balanced structure, these wireframe furnishings are taking a creatively different approach, by showcasing a simple skeletal structure instead. A wireframe outline is often something you would find at the structural support or base of a product, providing a clear-cut outline of what the item should look like. These uniquely designed furnishings however, feature the wireframe design as both the structural support and exterior appearance, making them a visually stunning sight.

From winged wire seating to vibrant wire side tables, these creative wireframe furnishings will definitely add an artistically unique element to any room of your home.