From Fabulous Fashion to Awesome Automobiles

 - May 27, 2012
These Union Jack innovations reveal how a familiar design can be rearranged in refreshing, interesting ways and still maintain the original appeal of its look.

It would be hard to deny that flags are objects of graphic design. They are intended to promote and solidify brands, countries, provinces, states and nations in an appealing and flattering manner. Centuries ago it appears that blue, white and red were hot colors; the early United States adopted these hues, as did a recently unified Great Britain, not to mention the perennially fashion-savvy French.

Still, the Union Jack has a certain Je ne sais quoi that the rather minimalist French and admittedly unsymmetrical American flag do not. The criss-crossed bars of thick, bold blue, white and red affect a look that is both edgy and dignified.