PJ Tierney Honors the Formula 1 Grand Prix Countries With Themed Art

As an ode to 2011’s Formula 1 World Championship season, an Irish artist named PJ Tierney created a collection of 19 posters in 19 days, featuring the countries where the Formula 1 Grand Prix are taking place. These movie-resembling posters are sure to pique your interest and coax you to come closer and investigate the artistic elements present within each one. With vibrant colors and a distinctly vintage feel, these posters are a sweet addition to any rec room or den.

These posters by PJ Tierney play off the characteristics of the countries’ flags, effectively molding the flags and their accompanying colors into visual landscapes driven on by Formula 1 racecars! Although some of the prints are more aesthetically pleasing than others, they all undeniably possess something unique and interesting! Tierney’s Formula 1 Grand Prix prints features 19 countries, including Spain, Great Britain, Canada, India Korea and Australia.