59 Examples of Unicorns Inspired Fashion Editorials to Homewares Design

 - Feb 7, 2013
These examples of unicorn inspired products, designs and fashion show the influence of the mythical creature in modern day culture. From people playing dress up with unicorn one-horned headbands to mythical creature lampshades for your home to unicorn eyelash accessories, the ancient creatures still are still a fascinating concept in today’s culture.

It’s wonderful to see just how creative people can be with their inspiration from creating unicorn inspired hair-dos to the hilarious mythical creature donor t-shirts which feature an image of a blood donation bag for unicorn blood. Whether you like them or not unicorn inspired products often have a humorous slant as exemplified by inventions like psychedelic unicorn droppings to the mythical creature onesies. I’m sure unicorns will continue to provide inspiration for artists and designers for some time to come.