Unicorn Clothing Encourages Individuality and Unicornism

The unicorn clothing by Lovebian Designs is not your usual, cutesy unicorn design collection. It is in fact an extremely motivational clothing project that features the quote "Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be A Unicorn" on its products. Because surely, all individuality phrases aside, if you can be unicorn, you should make sure to be one.

Authenticity is the most important characteristic of being human. Living life wanting to be someone or something else can be exhausting. For that reason, Lovebian wholeheartedly encourages everyone to be themselves at all times, with the exception of being a unicorn when circumstances allow -- that will most definitely beat any state anyone will ever be in human form.

This geeky clothing project, with all its unicorn loving, is currently being funded on Kickstarter for all potential backers.