'Unicorn Being a Jerk' Chronicles a Fuming Fairytale Creature

 - May 21, 2011
References: misterunicorn & underconsideration
Jam-packed with hilarious pictures and "uni-corny" humor, this story, although short, isn't sweet.

Author Mark Kingsley's highly praised book 'Unicorn Being A Jerk' shows the side of magical creatures that we'd prefer not to see. Kingsley's storybook follows a fictional unicorn character with a displeased disposition. This haughty horse goes about his daily errands and criticizes the world around him, simply being a jerk. Readers see this bitter unicorn stalking women through windows and capitalizing from the credit crunch. This cross creature is just the sort of character you might glare at and avoid in real life, and the fact that he's a unicorn doesn't improve the situation.

Mark Kingsley's book 'Unicorn Being A Jerk' may change the reader's perspective of frolicking fairytale unicorns, but it's worth it for the laughs it produces.