From Fantasy Cat Meme Tattoos to X-Ray Fetus Tattoos

 - Jul 7, 2013
Getting a tattoo is a big decision, mostly because of its permanence, but also because tattoo ideas that seem amazing one day might, a year down the road, seem slightly miscalculated. These tattoo ideas are both amazing and a bit over the top, using everything from ultrasound photos to Avatar characters as their models.

One style of high-commitment tattoos is the facial tat. These tattoos, similar to the one sported by ex-fighter Mike Tyson, are forever embedded on the faces of those who are brave enough to go under the needle. One girl posted a photograph of her new facial tattoo online, garnering a ton of attention from websites like Reddit and 9gag, due to the bright colors and obvious spontaneity prevalent in the tattoo.

While some of these tattoos might be regrettable, others were completely thought-out, and some were even used to bring attention to serious issues. One woman, for instance, had a double mastectomy in an effort to fight breast cancer. After the surgery, she had a beautifully elaborate tattoo drawn over the area where her breasts had once been. She posted a photo of her tattoo online, and has since raised a ton of awareness for breast cancer research.

Whether you're looking to get a tattoo to express your interest in a niche subject, or to honor a lost loved one, there are some tattoo ideas out there for you -- just remember to avoid the facial area.