The Enrique Marty Tattoo Exhibit Examines Gang Tattoos

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: & blog.gessato
Artist Enrique Marty's 'Soft Cockney' art exhibit looks at the societal connotations behind aesthetic, prison and gang tattoos. Enrique Marty set up several naked plastic polyester bodies in his tattoo art series that depicts tattoos modeled after a real civilian's, inmate's and gang member' tattoos. In doing so, Marty invites people to come into contact with tattoos in conjunction with or symbolizing an association to illegal activity.

Marty states that gang tattoos fascinate him because "through [a gang member's] tattoos, right when they have them done, they isolate themselves from society as recognizable members of a criminal group." The tattoos featured in the art exhibit are stunningly detailed. From elaborate scriptures, religious imagery to cryptic symbols, these mind blowing tattoos are both aesthetically beautiful and filled with negative social implications.