Tattoo Artist Servadio Draws Unsightly Skin as His Signature Touch

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: servadio.tumblr & artnau
The grotesque subjects in Michele Servadio’s tattoos all have aging and deformed skin that is quite revolting at first sight, but is undoubtedly sought after by a niche group of people as tattoo illustrations.

Regardless of whether his subjects are animate beings or an inanimate objects, the artist relentlessly includes the bulgy and grotesque skin texture in his illustrations. His subject matter ranges through anything from sharks, to portraits to trees, all possessing the human-like aged and warped skin textures.

It is interesting to contemplate on the wide ranges of appearances humans appreciate. A considerable amount of people would be absolutely disturbed by the images while another group is so fascinated that they tattoo them on their bodies. Michele Servadio is definitely serving a niche and doing a fantastic job providing them with the imagery they want.