StickerYou is a Stylish Service That Offers Personalized Looks

 - May 30, 2013
Thanks to intuitive manufacturers like StickerYou, companies are getting new and more eye-catching ways to promote their brand-specific messages.

In the past, most major corporations felt that the only way to get the attention of their target demographic was to create gigantic billboards with bright signs. Besides costing an obscene amount of money, these advertising methods became less effective with the over saturation of giant, sprawling ad campaigns. This is why StickerYou founder Andrew Witkin's revolutionary and completely customized sticker service is turning so many heads.

StickerYou offers a service that allows everyone from large corporations to individual people to create original, adhesive decals that look great and get your message across. Also debuting their new customized temporary tattoo service, StickerYou is a family and brand-friendly company to look out for.