From Personalized Emoji Backpacks to Open-Source Footwear

 - Sep 30, 2018
The top September 2018 customization ideas explore everything from fragrance and food to fashion, as well as the many ways in which consumers of today may take an active role in product co-creation. Hermetica sets itself apart as a completely alcohol-free fragrance brand and uses a short quiz to match people to a signature scent. On the back of the new "ING COACH JACKET" from The North Face is a space where customers may write in their passion to complete the phrase "NEVER STOP _______ING."

For young ones, some of the most noteworthy concepts in customization include the Balfour ID backpack range that may be personalized with one's choice of emoji patches, the colorful, kid-friendly BOSEbuild Headphones and highly customizable storybooks that allow children to see themselves as the hero of their own adventure.