- Sep 30, 2015
These September 2015 shoe trends range from minimalist bandage kicks to killer clown heels that are an ideal Halloween or costume party accessory. Sneaker buffs everywhere will appreciate the month's fashion and performance-focused kicks that range from rose gold styles to re-fashioned high-tops.

As consumers' demand for comfortable shoes continues to rise, major brands are looking for new ways to blend style and performance into their latest designs. Aside from the month's sneaker styles, these September 2015 shoe trends also include genderless sandals -- styles that are boxy and 90s-inspired -- along with couture cartoon heels that celebrate pop culture's recent Minions craze.

Other standouts include sole-constructed tote bags, shoe subscription services and even breakfast bars that are designed to cater to sneaker buffs.

From Breakfast Sneaker Bars to Blogger Shoe Campaigns: