From $4 Million Gold Stoves to Contemporary Pizza Makers

 - Jan 31, 2012
These sensational ovens and stoves allow you to fry an egg and whip up a batch of muffins in style. Many of these inventive designs focus on eco living, swapping out conventional sources of energy for greener possibilities. These captivating ovens and stoves also address the increasingly close quarters many find themselves residing in. These resourceful concepts take a cue from IKEA and find a way to cram all that is necessary in a top-notch cooker into a limited space.

While many of these sensational ovens and stoves are environmentally and space conscious, there are a few that are simply an exercise in gluttony. From car-based stoves to bacon-cooking alarm clocks, there is no shortage of hilarious cooker concepts to ensure you're never far from the food you love.

There is literally a stove or oven to suit any need, space or conscience, so spice up your culinary routine with any one of these sensational cookers.