The Electrolux Stoov Cooker Suctions to Pots to Start Them Simmering

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
One company's Design Labs have inspired countless creatives to reinvent conventional food preparation appliances, and like other proposals, the Electrolux Stoov Cooker serves up a fresh idea that actually is like nothing that has come before.

This concept by Mathieu Baele deals with the issue of a limited or lacking kitchen, and offers what has the potential to be a much more efficient anyway. His design centrals around smooth stone-like discs that attach to pots and pans magnetically, they then heat up and initiate an effective process of conduction. Quite cleverly, an Electrolux Stoov Cooker can be used in conjunction with another or two of its type, warming the base of a saucepan or even the sides.