Sleek MCZ Heater

 - Dec 12, 2007   Updated: Jun 22 2011
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Stove or Fireplace? There is a difference. Old style fireplaces are very inefficient, but have that classic beauty. The new styles, like the Panorama Pellet Stoves, burn pellets designed for maximum heat efficiency. The draw of a fire is primitive, but that doesn't mean the style can't be from the future. If you have a modern interior and like the ambiance of fire, these styles are for you.

Implications - An effective marketing tool for any company or brand is updating a timeless product with a new look and new technology. The company can tout its product as a revolutionary new spin on an age-old product. The company also stands a good chance of garnering interest from young consumers interested by the new technological developments, as well as older consumers curious about a more efficient and sustainable version of a traditional product.