The Toba Pellet Stove is a State-of-the-Art Green Design

 - Oct 20, 2011
References: wittus & jetsongreen
Designed by Italy-based MCZ Group SpA, the Toba pellet stove is an innovative, eco-friendly stove that can provide heat to your entire home.

The Toba pellet stove is available through the retailer Wittus, an importer of European-designed goods. According to them, the stove is one of the most fuel-efficient stoves on the market -- it can warm an 1,800 square foot space at more than 90 percent efficiency. As such, Wittus has announced that it will import the Toba stove into the United States in June 2011.

With construction comprising of cast aluminum, steel and cast iron, the Toba pellet stove is anything but light (it actually weighs in at more than 300 pounds!). Nonetheless, this innovative design not only conserves energy, but it also provides extreme convenience: you can start it up with the press of a button and operate it via remote control.