The Castoven Microwave Plays YouTube Videos While You Wait

 - Dec 11, 2009
References: asiajin & crunchgear
What do you do while you are waiting for hot water to heat up, or popcorn to pop in the microwave? If you typically just stand there and watch the clock count down, then you are the type of person that the inventors had in mind when they developed the Castoven, a microwave that plays YouTube videos to entertain and amuse you while you wait for your food to cook.

Two researchers from Japan’s Keio University took a regular conventional oven with a 10.4 inch LCD screen in the door, built in a set of speakers and connected it to a MAC with a special Adobe AIR app that gets the videos through YouTube’s API, to create a working prototype of the Castoven.  The way it works is when you punch in the cooking time, the Castoven finds a YouTube video with that same viewing time and displays the video on the screen while your food is heating up.

The Castoven is not available for sale yet, so in the meantime you’ll just have to continue to wait.