- Sep 22, 2012
For the conscientious and, if you’re like me, paranoid drivers, these sneaky spy tools are a definite go-to item. From regular dashboard cameras to hidden cameras embedded in clothing, these surveillance gadgets are a much subtler way to catch someone in the act.

One of the worst things that could happen to a driver is to be accused for damages or a hit-and-run that they did not commit and cannot prove their innocence. Lindsay Lohan’s recent hit-and-run incident reminds me of the dash cam situation earlier this year where a driver who was stuck in a traffic jam "rear-ended" the driver in front of him. Thanks to his trusty dash cam, it was revealed, or rather virally exposed on YouTube, that it was the driver in front of him that backed into his car. Whether it’s accident or not, it’s important to make sure that you protect yourself and not injure others on the road.

From Micro Cams to Wearable CCTVs: