TruePosition Brings Orwell's 1984 to Reality

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: trueposition & gizmodo
As individuals move without certainty into the future, they’ve slowly come to grips with the idea of being constantly surveilled; swallow that lump in your throat, because TruePosition is turning that idea into an undeniable reality.

TruePosition, an American surveillance company, specializes in a commodity of growing importance: Location intelligence, and the company’s newest tech, called ‘LOCINT,’ uncovers just that.

Regardless of whether your cellphone is turned off, TruePosition’s recently released technology can drudge up information about your current location, previous whereabouts and cellphone activity using a cutting-edge technique called "geo-fencing."

The rub of this recently announced tech is that its purveyor, TruePosition, is willingly selling it to governments with repressive records. Brian Varano, the company’s director of marketing, explained that their "position is that what [governments] do with LOCINT is on them."

As a whole, humans rarely have the ability to stop and question, "Do we really want to live with this technology?" The Japanese, witnessing the radical effects of guns, did their best to quash its importation (with middling success, admittedly). Think about it: Do you want to perpetually be under supervision? And if you don’t, is it too late to reconsider?