From the Harvard Athlete’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ Video to J

 - May 18, 2012
In an unlikely Today Show segment, the men of the Harvard Athletes ‘Call Me Maybe’ spoof were set head to head in a cover showdown. Pitted against a foot-focused meta-parody, the now-infamous group battled for the title. A true testament to how popular song parodies can be, the video is luckily one of many similarly hilarious spoofs.

Almost unanimously created out of jest, song covers, particularly those with an accompanying video, inevitably go viral. Often playing on iconic or otherwise standout features, parodies tend to be distinctly over-the-top.

Though some songs and artists are covered more often than others, Lady Gaga for example, targeted material gets an undeniable boost from spoofs. Don’t believe it? Try avoiding the ever-present ‘Call Me Maybe’ and its catchy, feel-good beat.