Harry Potter and Voldemort Fight to the Death in a Freestyle Battle

 - Jul 29, 2009
References: indymogul & walyou
We just watched Harry Potter and Voldemort duke in out in the latest installment of the movie, ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.’ The battling duo is back again, but this time they are dueling freestyle in a hip-hop battle.

This hilarious video by Indy Mogul uses the Harry Potter characters to spoof ‘8-Mile,’ the movie which starred Eminem.

With lines like "I’m the darkest dark wizard in all of history, I’ll slay your ass out like Cedric Diggory," or "I’ll smoke a Basilisk and I’ll smoke you too," the Dark Lord and the Chosen One battle in out until there is only one freestyler standing.

Check out the video above to see Harry Potter and Voldemort in their Wizard Rap Duel.