From Geeky Gamer Decor To Permanent Potter Ink

 - Dec 2, 2013
There is no surreal seriousness more crucial than the mindset of an outrageous admirer. These people live, sleep and breath whatever they’re a fan of and go to great lengths to incorporate it into their everyday lives. Dr. Who-themed weddings and even pop culture-influenced tattoos are some of the most outrageous fan-doings I’ve ever witnessed.

Recently, two devoted ‘Smilers’ dedicated to the fandom of Miley Cyrus decided to go above and beyond for their Queen. Hacking the ‘Time’s Person of The Year Award,' these outrageous admirers rigged the poll so that Miley Cyrus will be twerking at the very top.

Seems like some people will do just about anything to ensure their favorite is always sitting in the best spots no matter how silly, illegal, or bat crazy the act might be.