Japan's Gagadoll is a Singing Robotic Lady Gaga Look-Alike

As you might guess from the name alone, the Japanese-created ‘Gagadoll’ is a Lady Gaga look-alike that is a full-size humanoid version of the pop star. The robotic pop star serves as a listening station, through which fans can listen to her latest album, ‘ARTPOP’ and hear messages recorded by Gaga.

The Gagadoll’s skin is made from a silicon mould and the "bone" structure of the doll forms the mechanics that allows fans to listen to the bot. One of Gagadoll’s hands has even been shaped into the trademark claw she makes for her Little Monsters.

Since the Gagadoll is equipped to belt out songs and can be suited up in outrageous outfits, she makes for a fairly convincing Gaga clone. The video depicting the making of the doll is a little creepy, but what would a replica Gaga be without a bit of a shock factor?